What Are The Benefits of Studying Bachelor of Law Degree?

What Are The Benefits of Studying Bachelor of Law Degree?

What Are The Benefits of Studying Bachelor of Law Degree? male student smiling

What Are The Benefits of Studying Bachelor of Law Degree?

What ties together Barack Obama, Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, and Benazir Bhutto? The unifying factor for these world leaders is the fact that they studied law.

As one of the world’s oldest academic subjects, a law degree is a highly recognized certificate that promises significant employment chances

Law impacts many parts of society; from the protection of life and liberty to corporate or international interactions, law graduates are qualified to undertake numerous key responsibilities in a number of professions.

Regardless of which legal system you want to study and practice in, you will find that a career in the legal field is rewarding, tough, and ever-changing. Commitment, fortitude, a desire to uphold laws, and a drive to become an expert on the legal system are all required to begin a career in law.

So, what are the benefits of studying llb? Keep on reading to find out.

8 Reasons to Study Law

Why bachelor of law is important? Studying law allows you to gain a variety of abilities and learn about many different aspects of life. It allows you to broaden your horizons, deepen your understanding, and increase your experience in the humanities and social sciences.

Glancing over the eight main benefits of studying bachelor of law degree reveals why it is still one of the most sought-after degrees by students all over the world.

Recession-Proof Career Options 

Lawyers are always in demand, regardless of the state of the economy, making this a “recession-proof” career choice. Even in a downturn, prospective law students can expect to find work in the legal profession.

Civil litigation, environmental (green) law, bankruptcy law, labor and employment law, foreclosure law, intellectual property law, and e-discovery practice are seven specialized law professions that thrive in a recession, according to legal expert Sally Kane.

Great Salaries

Money isn’t always the most crucial consideration when choosing a job path, but it is certainly a factor.

One of the most compelling reasons to pursue a law degree, aside from the fact that you will almost certainly have job security, is that you will be able to begin your career path with a high annual wage.

In 2018, the median compensation for a trial lawyer was $99,000, and the average salary for intellectual property lawyers was $137,000 to $197,000 per year.

Status And Prestige

While some individuals have negative ideas about attorneys, these are sometimes intended in a lighthearted manner, and many people realize the important role lawyers play in society, how they may bring about justice, and the knowledge and dedication required to study and practice law.

There Are Many Transferable Skills

Aside from the grandeur, becoming a lawyer provides you with a wide range of practical and transferable abilities that will benefit you in whichever job path you choose.

Law students learn abilities such as good writing, the ability to communicate complicated thoughts and theories, as well as in-person presentations and public speaking.

Most law students learn how to mediate conflicts and get experience in the courtroom by participating in mock trials, sometimes known as ‘moot court.’ Many professions value research abilities, and as an educated lawyer, you will be able to do in-depth study on practically any issue.

Rewarding Profession

As a lawyer, you will most certainly work long hours and take on tough and potentially stressful projects. Being a lawyer, on the other hand, can be a very satisfying profession.

Some lawyers travel across the country, if not the globe, to take part in trials, depositions, arbitrations, and business transactions. Others mingle with corporate leaders, politicians, athletes, and even celebrities.

No matter how you specialize in your legal practice, making a difference, preserving the rule of law, and helping to win cases will be nothing short of rewarding.

Intellectual Challenge

The intellectual hurdles and discipline involved with being a lawyer will appeal to those with a capacious mind and the desire to keep learning.

In the legal profession, problem solvers, innovative thinkers, quick factual recall, systems thinkers, and others are needed.

As a prospective law student, you may expect to be intellectually challenged on a daily basis.

Self Confidence Boost

Students who practice law are frequently obliged to work in groups and participate in negotiations and discussions, which provides a rewarding experience for such students and helps them to develop self-confidence.

Global Influence

For generations, lawyers have been at the center of society. As legislators and thought leaders, they are in a unique position to influence societal change.

They write the laws, preside over the courts, and hold positions of power in government.

They have the ability to influence key officials and leaders, as well as effect change around the world.


  • Is it worth studying law degree? You bet! Bachelor of Law will give you a level of prominence and respect that no other profession can match.
  • Why is a law degree so important? Obtaining a bachelor of law can open doors to a variety of occupations. It can help you grow in the legal field, as well as find work in a number of other professions.
  • What does a bachelor of law get you? A law degree trains you to think critically, solve problems, conduct research, communicate effectively, collaborate in groups, and condense big, complex swaths of knowledge into concise writing.
  • How long is a Bachelor of law degree? The usual duration is 4 years.
  • What can I become if I study LLB? Calendaring clerk, court clerk, court legal advisor, court messenger, document  coder, legal transcriptionist, legislative assistant, mailroom clerk, and paralegal or hybrid paralegal are only a few examples of junior legal jobs.

Why Study Bachelor of Law?

Law studies are not a walk in the park, but the benefits of a law degree transcend the ‘prestige’ many associate with this certification. It will be of great use to you for the rest of your life!

In general, legal professionals are well compensated. Jobs may not come quickly after earning a legal degree, and even once hired, one may not instantly earn more, but with this degree, one is believed to have a higher income and employment security than with other degrees.

Do you have what it takes to pursue a career in law? Law requires no brilliance, only common sense and relatively clean fingernails, according to John Mortimer.

Obtain the skills and knowledge needed to meet the high demands of a variety of legal and non-legal occupations.

Make a name for yourself with a Bachelor of Law degree from CBU. In an era of digital disruption and global upheaval, you’ll graduate with advanced legal knowledge, transferable skills, and professional networks, allowing you to define and create new methods of practicing law.

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