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With an accredited MBA finance online degree with The Copperbelt University, you’ll learn how the economies and wellbeing of foreign companies and countries impact global market trends. Equipped with an essential understanding of accounting standards and financial concepts, this distance MBA in finance will give perspective that will enable you to maintain profitability for your hiring organization, and be able to interpret data to make insightful decisions that could influence the direction of an organization. Take a short questionnaire and see if you qualify for the MBA finance degree. An Online MBA in Finance with The Copperbelt University will allow you to complete the program at your own pace, keeping up with your current commitments of work and family.


Stage I

Research Methods & Statistics

Managerial Economics

Strategic Management

Management Theory and Practice

Stage II

Organisational Behaviour

Quantitative Methods

Financial and Management Accounting

Corporate Finance

Stage III

Production and Operations Management

Financial Institutions, Markets and Money

Portfolio Theory & Investment Management

International Financial Management

Stage IV

Master Thesis


The programme will be offered through eLearning under the Directorate of Distance Educationand Open Learning for duration of 21 months (18 + 3 months for thesis).

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We at The Copperbelt University are delighted to now offer one of the top online MBA finance distance learning programs available – an exclusive MBA in corporate finance. As a student of our unique E-Campus, you will receive the highest level of financial training that is broken down in a 4-stage course to get you ready for a job in banking or corporate financing. Core subjects covered by the CBU Master of Business Administration degree in finance include: Strategic management, managerial economics, financial and management accounting, portfolio theory & investment management and international financial management. This accredited online MBA finance program aims to provide you with an invaluable toolset that will lead you down a profitable career path in the field of finance and business management. Upon graduation, this fully accredited and globally recognized degree in finance will take you farther along your journey to your dream career.

Tuition and Fees

Disclaimer: When budgeting for college, you should consider both direct and indirect expenses. All fees are subject for review.

Approved Tuition and Fees
Fee Name Zambian Nationals International Students
Application Fee 200 ZMW 25 USD
Tuition Fee-Semester 1 16,000 ZMW 1,600 USD
Tuition Fee-Semester 2 16,000 ZMW 1,600 USD
Tuition Fee-Semester 3 16,000 ZMW 1,600 USD
Thesis Seminar 3,000 ZMW 300 USD
Thesis Stage 5,000 ZMW 400 USD
Technology Fee (Yearly) 500 ZMW 40 USD
Instructional Materials Included Included
E – Library Included Included

*Average monthly payments of Zambian 2666.66 ZMW – International 266.66 USD

Click here to review the Fees Breakdown aligned to the program outline and your tentative monthly payments.

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Admissions Requirements

  1. O levels – 6 credits or better in 5 subjects including Maths & English
  2. National Students – NRC/Zambian Passport
  3. International Students – Passports
  4. Application fee of 200 ZMW/25 USD
  5. Scanned copies of Bachelor’s degree and official
  6. transcripts (accredited by HEA) or equivalent

Why Study an Online MBA in Finance Course With CBU?

By choosing to become a part of The Copperbelt University’s unique online learning platform with an emphasis on finance, you will benefit from learning in one of the most comprehensive and modern distance MBA in finance degrees. And since finance and MBA go hand in hand, we have combined financial management and accounting, added corporate finance, and wrapped everything up in a convenient online learning system accessible all day, every day. At the heart of this MBA in finance degree is a specialized approach to various financial topics such as managerial economics, strategic management, and management theory and practice that will take your knowledge of economics to new heights. Regardless of whether your primary goal is to jump on the real estate bandwagon or to conquer the corporate finance sector, our MBA in finance can help you achieve all that, and more.

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Is a masters in finance better than an MBA?

Not necessarily, as your choice to go with an MF or an MBA largely depends on your schedule, goals and work-life balance. You have to consider that these two degrees differ in terms of who they are for. Most MBA programs are designed for individuals who already have a job and some experience behind their backs, while MF programs are typically more geared towards students who directly come out of undergraduate school studies. Eventually, both programs can provide a lot of value, although MBA courses still carry plenty of prestige.

Is MBA in Finance tough?

No, especially if you are already interested and passionate about math and statistics. When it comes to other MBA majors, you can say that this popular degree sits somewhere in the middle in terms of difficulty. Another key factor that can make studying an MBA in finance much, much easier is distance education i.e. an online University such as ours.

Can I do MBA after MS in finance?

Absolutely! In fact, doing an MBA is a brilliant idea after an MS degree as it makes your master’s degree more valuable and it improves your chances of getting a better job with a higher salary. An MBA in finance will provide you with crucial general management knowledge, among other finance topics that can help you to move up in your career life.

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