Bachelor of Law

Gain an in-depth understanding of legal knowledge and the practical application of the law in any area with the 100% online Bachelor of Law. Prepare for a successful career and become a well-rounded lawyer by developing key transferable skills including research and analysis, team working, presentation and writing skills.

MBA General

The 100% Online MBA – General from The Copperbelt University ECAMPUS gives you the required knowledge to apply research and critical thinking skills to assess different situations and respond with pertinent plans of action. You also learn how to communicate effectively with stakeholders in different formats. Go over our questionnaire and see if you qualify for MBA general.

MBA in Finance

With an accredited MBA finance online degree with The Copperbelt University, you’ll learn how the economies and wellbeing of foreign companies and countries impact global market trends. Equipped with an essential understanding of accounting standards and financial concepts, this distance MBA in finance will give perspective that will enable you to maintain profitability for your hiring organization, and be able to interpret data to make insightful decisions that could influence the direction of an organization. 

MSc Project Management

The 100% Online MSc in Project Management with The Copperbelt University will prepare you for a leadership role to plan, oversee and run a project successfully. You will gain an in-depth knowledge and skills in project planning, control, finance, and management of any project from

MSc in Accounting and Finance

The 100% Online MSc in Accounting and Finance with The Copperbelt University offers a unique knowledge andskills necessary to pursue a professional career in accounting, financial services or related sectors of the economy.

MSc Economics

Obtain a deep understanding of modern economics and econometrics to analyze the changing world economy. The online Master of Science in Economics program is designed to meet the increasing demand for high-quality economics professionals in both public and the private sector all over the world.

MA in Peace and Conflict

The 100% Online Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies from The Copperbelt University teaches you methods and problem solving skills for conflict resolutions and negotiations.

MA in Economics

Learn the skills essential for Planning, execution and analysis of a winning project and take your career to the next level with the 100% Online Masters in Economics.

MA in Human Resource Management

Copperbelt University is proud to offer its unique MA in Human Resource Management. As we all face new challenges, our program bridges the theoretical framework while weaving the shift in the workplace environment and therefore HRM.

Master of Arts in Economic Policy

Gain a strong foundation in economic theory and its application, quantitative methods, and the basic tools of management analysis with the online Master of Arts in Economic Policy. Tackle the dynamic business environment head on by developing critical skills, as well as obtaining the theoretical framework and the comparative and practical approaches needed to succeed.

Postgraduate Diploma in Education Leadership and Teaching Methodology

Covers how Reflective learning, guided reading, and interactive approaches will promote greater autonomy and accountability, which in turn will lead to positive learning experiences while meeting the needs of adult learners. You can learn all this and more 100% Online at your own pace, giving you ample flexibility and convenience to complete the program while on the job.

Master of Public Health

Foster key knowledge and professional skills for a successful career in public health. Whether you’re already involved in public health research, policy, and practice, or are planning a career in those areas, the online Master of Public Health with CBU E-Campus is designed to support your future ambitions.

Message from

the Director

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Open Distance Education of The Copperbelt University. We are a dynamic university community consisting of students from all parts of Zambia and an increasing number of international students. As a leading institution in ODL in Zambia, DDEOL is proud of its academic excellence and the contributions of its highly qualified lecturers and researchers in a quest to provide quality education to all. If you are looking for quality ODE and want to discover and create new knowledge that will help make a difference in your community, then The Copperbelt University is a place where you can excel. Our degrees and diplomas are internationally recognized and are sought after in the job market because employers and industry experts know that they can rely on the quality of The Copperbelt University graduates.

Dr. Nchimunya Chaamwe

DDEOL Director

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBU eCampus?

CBU eCampus is the online learning platform of The Copperbelt University. It offers a variety of programs that can be completed entirely online, providing flexible and accessible education opportunities.

What programs does CBU eCampus offer?

CBU eCampus offers a range of programs, including Bachelor of Law, MA in Economics, Masters in Peace & Conflict, Masters of Arts in Economic Policy, Master of Public Health, MBA General, MBA in Finance, MSc Economics, MSc Accounting and Finance, MSc in Project Management, and Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Teaching Methodology.

How does online learning at CBU eCampus work?

Online learning at CBU eCampus allows you to access course materials, participate in discussions, submit assignments, and interact with instructors and fellow students through a user-friendly online platform. You can study at your own pace and engage in a flexible learning environment.

Is CBU eCampus accredited?

Yes, CBU eCampus is accredited by the Higher Education Authority of Zambia and is recognized for delivering quality education.

Can I earn a degree entirely online at CBU eCampus?

Yes, you can earn a degree entirely online at CBU eCampus. The programs are designed to be completed through online learning, providing you with the flexibility to study from anywhere.

What are the admission requirements for CBU eCampus programs?

The admission requirements vary depending on the program. Generally, applicants are required to hold a relevant bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification and meet the specified GPA criteria. Please refer to the specific program page on the CBU eCampus website for detailed admission requirements.

How long does it take to complete a program at CBU eCampus?

The duration of programs at CBU eCampus varies depending on the program and the pace at which you choose to study. Typically, programs range from 1 to 2 years for master’s degrees and can be completed in 3 to 4 years for bachelor’s degrees.

What is the tuition fee structure for CBU eCampus programs?

The tuition fee structure for CBU eCampus programs may vary depending on the program and other factors. For detailed information about tuition fees, it is recommended to visit the CBU eCampus website or contact the admissions office directly.

Can I transfer credits from previous educational institutions to CBU eCampus?

Yes, CBU eCampus accepts credit transfers from recognized institutions. Transfers are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine the equivalency of courses. Official transcripts and other supporting documents are required for the evaluation process.

Is there any specific technology or software required for online learning at CBU eCampus?

CBU eCampus utilizes a user-friendly online platform that can be accessed through standard web browsers. You will need a stable internet connection, a computer or device, and basic software such as a word processor and PDF reader to participate in online learning activities.

How can I access course materials and participate in online discussions?

Once enrolled, you will be provided with login credentials to access the CBU eCampus online platform. Course materials, lectures, assignments, and discussion forums will be available within the platform, allowing you to engage with the content and interact with instructors and peers.

Are there any specific class schedules or can I study at my own pace?

CBU eCampus offers a flexible learning environment, allowing you to study at your own pace. There are no fixed class schedules, giving you the freedom to balance your studies with your other commitments.

How do I interact with instructors and fellow students in an online learning environment?

Interaction with instructors and fellow students in an online learning environment can take place through various means, including discussion forums, virtual classrooms, emails, and online collaboration tools. These platforms facilitate engagement, discussions, and feedback exchanges.

What resources and support are available for online students?

CBU eCampus offers a range of resources and support services to online students, including access to online libraries, research databases, academic support materials, and technical assistance. Additionally, you can benefit from student forums and communities to connect with peers and share experiences.

Can I access the online platform and course materials on mobile devices?

Yes, the CBU eCampus online platform is mobile-friendly, allowing you to access course materials and participate in activities using compatible mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

How are exams and assessments conducted in online programs at CBU eCampus?

Exams and assessments in online programs at CBU eCampus are conducted through various methods, including online quizzes, assignments, projects, and proctored exams. The specific assessment methods may vary depending on the program and course requirements.

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