5 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Bachelor of Law Degree

5 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Bachelor of Law Degree

bachelor of law degree must know

When every man lives without Law, every man lives without freedom.

Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)

So, the law degree has sparked your interest.

Pursuing studies in one of the oldest academic fields in the world can provide you with great career opportunities as an online Bachelor of Law is a highly regarded qualification.

I bet you like the idea already.

Let’s get straight to the point: What do you need to start?

Taking on law studies is no easy challenge, so bear in mind that you’re required to have several skills to be a successful law student.

Consider working on your communication skills as good written and verbal communication is a must as a significant part of your studies will be assessed by way of written examinations and coursework.

Studying online also requires you to be an independent learner as you must be able to motivate yourself to study, along with planning your time according to the deadlines.

If you feel like you’re ready to take on a challenge, let’s dig into the matter straight away: Following are the five main things you need to inform yourself about the online Bachelor of Law degree.

What is The Meaning of Bachelor of Law?

In case you wondered what does LLB stand for, it’s an abbreviation for Legum Baccalaureus, which translates to Bachelor of Laws.

The Bachelor of Law represents an undergraduate law degree. It originated in England and is traditionally offered in most common law countries as the primary law degree.

So what is a law degree called in other parts of the world? In the United States, the Bachelor of Law degree has been replaced by the Juris Doctor (J.D.), and many common law countries have or are in the process of phasing out their LLB degrees in favor of the J.D.

What is The Difference Between LLB And BA Law Degree?

The main difference between these two is that BA in Law is not a qualifying degree contrary to the Bachelor of Law. Holding an LLB with the additional accreditation allows for the practice of law in most countries.

The bachelor of legal studies program will provide you with a solid knowledge of the law, as well as the critical, analytical, and strategic thinking skills necessary for working in the field. 

If you want to practice law as a BA in Law graduate you will need additional qualifications such as taking a Graduate Diploma in Law course.

You should go for this degree if you would like to study something else alongside law as it is still going to provide you with a grounded and broad understanding of the law. 

On the other hand, if you’re only interested in law you should go for the LLB.

How hard is LLB?

This might depend on how much you’re willing to invest in your studies. If you have a deep interest in studying law and you’re ready to commit to your lessons then it might be a cup of tea for you.

So how long does it take for law school? In most cases, a university law degree can be completed in the span of 3 years, with LLB programs lasting for 3-5 years.

To conclude, the online Bachelor of Law is an amazing degree anybody can excel in with interest, dedication, and hard work.

What Are The Benefits of The Bachelor of Law Degree?

And now, the main dish: Let’s look into the 8 main benefits of obtaining a Bachelor of Law degree online:

  1. Strong Career Foundation 
  2. Multiple Career Options
  3. Financial Stability
  4. Flexible Working Hours
  5. Critical Thinking And Reasoning Skills
  6. Better Communication Skills 
  7. Prestige And Respect
  8. Knowledge of Rights And Responsibilities

Strong Career Foundation

Pursuing a graduate bachelor of law degree online can help you develop a strong foundation to grow a rewarding career in the future by providing you with elaborate and exhaustive theoretical knowledge necessary for becoming successful in this profession. 

Multiple Career Options

Obtaining a distance learning law degree can take you just about anywhere: Apart from becoming a lawyer, a Bachelor of Law can open doors to various career paths such as academia, media and law, commerce and industry, politics, social work, and more.

Financial Stability

Obtaining an LLB online degree will allow you to enjoy more job security and a higher salary, provided you can deliver the results. 

Flexible Working Hours

If you make it to a well-regarded lawyer status you’ll be in a position to decide your working hours. Making it big takes having the best academic foundation possible, and you can obtain it by going for the flexible online Bachelor of Law degree.

Critical Thinking And Reasoning Skills

As a Bachelor of Law graduate, you’ll be capable of analyzing both sides of complex situations or problems and devising the best solution based on strong reasoning and critical thinking.

Better Communication Skills 

Studying law will help you develop the ability to argue from a basis of evidence which actively cultivates advanced communication skills, keen problem-solving abilities, and the capacity for independent thinking. 

These qualities will help you adapt very well in various situations or career transitions.

Prestige And Respect

A great number of law graduates gained recognition in various industries and became highly respected leaders. 

Developing your credibility and proficiency over time is not an easy job, but those who uphold justice can gain prestige and respect that no other profession will be able to provide.

Knowledge of Rights And Responsibilities

Obtaining an LLB degree will enable you to help others by making them aware of their legal rights and duties, while also building on your awareness of your responsibilities towards our nation and how you should conduct yourself in society.

As we went through the biggest benefits of obtaining a Bachelor of Law online degree, it’s time to distinguish versatile career paths you can embark on as a graduate.

What is The Best Option After LLB?

Below is a list of ten popular career choices for Bachelor of Law graduates:

  1. Civil Services
  2. Judiciary
  3. Judge Advocate General
  4. Law Firms
  5. Legal Advisor
  6. Legal Journalism
  7. Litigation
  8. National and Multinational Companies
  9. Public Prosecutor
  10. Teacher or Lecturer

Whichever path you choose, be sure that with enough determination and hard work you can achieve your goals and make your efforts count.

Can You Get a Law Degree Online?

If taking law courses online sounds appealing to you, then you’ll be delighted to know that it’s absolutely doable, and you can benefit from it big time!

You no longer need to make the ends meet: With the flexible online Bachelor of Law degree with the CBU Ecampus you can both save your time and cut your studies expenses in half.

We can provide you with anything you need to confidently take on the challenging world of law.

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