Copperbelt University Celebrates Its April Graduates

Copperbelt University Celebrates Its April Graduates

On the 22nd of April, Copperbelt University held a graduation ceremony in honour of its newest batch of graduates. 

They successfully completed their online modules, showing an enviable level of self-discipline and time management.

Flexible eLearning modules allowed them for keeping track of their daily commitments while pursuing their academics at their pace.

In the end, knowledge is the key if you are willing to achieve your life goals, invest in your future, and stand out from the crowd, and our students understood that very well.

Following is what the three interviewed graduates had to say about their experience with Copperbelt University ECAMPUS:

Would you recommend this course to others and did you enjoy your studies?

“Absolutely yes! In fact, even while we started this course, I found it so enjoyable that I recommended it to one of my friends immediately. 

As a lecturer, I learned how to deal, how to interact with students and different methods of interacting as well as different methods of teaching and learning. So, to me, this is a very important program and I’m glad that I chose it because I learned and benefited a lot from it.”

Charles Smart Mazala

How do you think graduating from this course will help your career?

“This program will help me in my career because I completed a lot of workshops, I dealt primarily with adults, and I learned a lot about how to give content to adults and how adults learn.

I also learned about the concepts behind teaching, how people get to learn and how people get to engage with the lecturer. The way I used to lecture before is very different from how I lecture now.”

How did you find the faculty to be?

“All of the faculty made an effort to engage and ensure that we had some peer learning and learned from each other’s experiences.”

Evangelista Miti Mazala

What are some of the benefits you found with online learning? 

“To me, the greatest benefit of online learning is that you are able to read on and on. You have time to read and do the rest assessments but you have to really manage your time. One of the challenges is that you have to find the time in your schedule to complete the course material.

My advice is to plan in advance so you always find the time for studies and daily assignments. Also, bear in mind that you actually need to do some research as you study apart from reading the materials sent to you.”

Richard Phiri

All graduates worked hard to achieve their goals during these difficult times, but they completed their academic journey with the help of their advisers, tutors, and mentors.

We wish our students all the best in their future endeavours and hope that the knowledge they acquired will help them propel their careers as far as they’re willing to go. 

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