It’s Finally Here: Everything You Need to Know About MBA in Finance

It’s Finally Here: Everything You Need to Know About MBA in Finance

mba in finance

“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” 

P.T. Barnum

As advanced financial management is an integral part of any economy, all types of businesses and companies are dependent on a skilled finance analyst with a postgraduate degree.

The financial crisis we’re currently experiencing on a global scale creates an opportunity for you to tap into it by pursuing an online MBA in Finance

This highly sought-after degree will enhance your knowledge related to finance and businesses while providing you with marketable skills in both fields which are essential for a gainful career.

If you’re still not sure about the ‘gainful’ part, it’s worth mentioning that financial managers earn $129,890 per year on average, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics

Do these numbers spark joy? Good, because you can top them by gaining industry experience or simply gaining an online MBA Finance that will help you reach top tier positions.

Without further ado, let’s get started by answering the first logical question:

What is a Finance MBA?

Online Finance master’s in business administration is a postgraduate degree that provides an in-depth approach to the field of finance concentrated in a group of courses related to its subsets such as managerial economics, financial management, corporate finance, investment banking, and so on. 

Apart from valuable industry-specific knowledge, students also gain essential MBA skills like teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, and communication.

Full NameMaster of Business Administration in Finance
Course Duration18-36 months
MBA Finance SalaryDepending on the role, starting from around 60k to a whopping $371,548 per year.
MBA Finance Careers– Diversified Financial Companies
– Investment Banking Organizations
– Investment Management Companies
– Private Equity/Venture Capital
MBA Finance Jobs– Accounting Manager
– Corporate Controller
– Financial Analyst
– Financial Manager
– Management Consultant
– Investment Banker
– Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
– Senior Financial Analyst
– VP of Corporate Finance
– Portfolio Compliance Specialist
MBA Finance Subjects– Corporate restructuring
– International Markets
– Corporate Budgeting
– Investment Analysis
– Advanced Financial Management
– Risk Analysis etc.
MBA Finance Top Recruiters– Goldman Sachs
– Morgan Stanley
– Boston Consulting Group
– Deutsche Bank
– JP Morgan Chase & Co
– McKinsey & Co
– Barclays
– Deloitte

What Can You do With an MBA in Finance Online Degree?

As most companies require a graduate-level degree for executive and senior management positions, going for an online MBA in Finance will prime you for many desirable roles in financial planning, commercial banking, corporate finance, investment banking, and other important business sectors.

In general, the expertise gained from any MBA will serve you as a foundation for work across the industries so expanding your education with one of them is a wise investment. Choosing an online MBA program will allow you to gain both “hard” and “soft” skills you can immediately put to use at your convenience.

What is The Scope of MBA in Finance?

As finance plays a crucial role in every kind of organization, going for this MBA specialization will make you a valuable asset on the market. From beginner roles through the C-Suite, MBA degrees have a time-tested value in a variety of organization types.

An online Finance MBA program will help you unleash your full potential by providing you with in-demand management skills and teaching you how to use your innovative ideas to help strengthen the business’ economy.

MBA Finance careers can be subcategorized into the following four groups:

  1. Diversified Financial Companies
  2. Investment Banking Organizations
  3. Investment Management Companies
  4. Private Equity/Venture Capital

Diversified Financial

This category includes a range of consumer and commercially oriented companies that offer a variety of financial services such as credit cards, home equity loans, and investment products.

Investment Banking

This specific division of banking is related to aiding companies and organizations in raising capital by taking care of securities such as stocks and bonds. 

Other investment banking activities include facilitating mergers and acquisitions by providing guidance and other services to parties on either side of the potential transaction.

Investment Management

Investment management revolves around the handling of financial assets and other investments within a portfolio. 

It is also known as portfolio management, money management, or wealth management.

Private Equity/Venture Capital

Private equity is a source of investment capital that comes from high net worth individuals or firms that buy shares of public or private companies to take them private.

On the other hand, venture capital represents funding given to small businesses and startups that have high growth potential in exchange for their equity.  

There are many well-established MBA Finance career paths in a range of organization types. 

An online Finance MBA will prepare you for a variety of lucrative positions including:

  • Accounting Manager
  • Corporate Controller
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Investment Banker
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • VP of Corporate Finance
  • Portfolio Compliance Specialist

Accounting Manager

As an accounting manager, your role would be to create systems and processes for analyzing and reporting financial information to ensure that your organization follows legal and regulatory requirements, as well as recommend improvements for business procedures. 

The average annual salary for this position is $72,335 according to PayScale.

Corporate Controller

Working as a corporate controller, you would be in charge of overseeing all the financial and accounting functions within your organization. 

This includes taking care of billing, accounts payable and receivable, budgeting, and other financial functions.

You can earn around $99,705 annually by working in this position.

Financial Analyst

By taking on this role you would be responsible for examining financial data while taking into account factors like financial market trends and past transactions to generate information to help your clients make business decisions. 

You can expect to make $81,590 on average per year, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

Financial Manager

Your role as a financial manager would consider providing financial guidance and support to your clients and colleagues to help them make sound business decisions.

The regular tasks for this role include coordinating accounting and producing financial reports, cash-flow statements, and profit projections.

The average annual salary for this position is $92,093.

Management Consultant

As a management consultant, your role would be to help your clients plan and execute projects to drive their revenue or increase their competitiveness. 

You can make around $87,720 per year by working in this position.

Investment Banker

Working as an investment banker, you would be responsible for evaluating companies and assisting clients in raising capital. This highly-analytical profession calls for effective underwriting, as well as analyzing and closing finance deals.

Professionals in this role have an average salary of $100,669 per year according to PayScale.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As a chief financial officer, you would be in charge of managing the financial actions of a company. Regular duties in this role include financial planning, tracking cash flow, analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, and offering corrective actions.

This is one of the best-paid positions in finance: The average annual salary is $135,646 according to PayScale.

Senior Financial Analyst

Working in this role, your duty would be to provide detailed analyses, insights, and recommendations to help your clients make well-informed decisions.

Your responsibilities would include researching and analyzing financial information, assessing financial risk, creating reporting, and acting as an internal consultant.

You can expect to make around $81200 per year on average.

VP of Corporate Finance

Your role as the VP of corporate finance would revolve around providing financial management and support to the business. Some regular tasks for this position include preparing financial materials for boards of directors and other stakeholders, providing effective access to information for appropriate staff and business partners, and taking the lead in best financial practices.

Professionals in this role earn $127359 on average annually.

Portfolio Compliance Specialist

As a portfolio compliance specialist, you would be tasked with monitoring and reviewing trading activity for regulatory and compliance issues. Regular duties for this role include designing, implementing, and maintenance of portfolio management.

You can earn approximately $59119 per year by working in this role.

The new normal calls for new standards, so if you’re planning to take on the world of finance, look forward to developing these traits:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Strong communication skills
  • The ability to take on leadership roles
  • Being prepared to handle the tricky global business environment
  • Successfully navigating the challenges of technological disruption
  • Innovative
  • Possessing a versatile skill set

Sounds like a handful, but you’ll be all set upon graduating from an online MBA Finance program.

Why do You Choose MBA in Finance in 2021?

Is a Finance MBA worth it? Keep in mind that right now, as the world is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, employers remain confident about finance management graduates’ skills. 

As a matter of fact, the hiring projections are likely to rebound in 2021, and the median salaries are projected to rise as well.

Online finance master’s degree is the key ingredient you need to gain better employment prospects and enjoy better compensation while also gaining the esteem of colleagues and superiors. 

Is an MBA in Finance Tough?

An online MBA in Finance program is considered to be of moderate difficulty when compared to other MBA specializations. You are most likely to be successful in taking this online course if you have the following traits: 

  • Like working with numbers
  • Have a strong interest in the field
  • Are comfortable with statistics and computer modeling
  • Want to learn more about company financial operations and performance

When it comes to your character, you should be just fine regardless of you being an introvert or extrovert. Still, some subcategories may be more suitable depending on your nature.

Do you think you are ready for the challenge of earning one of the most versatile and lucrative business degrees? If so, you should check out our MBA in Finance online program, and take a step towards your dream career today!

Learn more by downloading our prospectus.

Feel free to contact us for any additional questions as we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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