Revealed: Discover Top Economics Careers In Zambia

Revealed: Discover Top Economics Careers In Zambia

If you are into data, analytics, and statistics? Then a career in economics is a good fit for you.

It goes without saying that economists are assets for businesses. They play a major role in the growth of all types of companies and firms.

Economic studies provide you with an understanding of current economics and econometrics,  equip students with numerical and financial abilities for collecting and analyzing data, and advise firms on policy choices and decision-making processes.

Seeking an economic job in Zambia? Keep reading this article for more details about job opportunities in the economic field.

Before we go into the jobs for economists, let us first address the question of where economists may work in Zambia. And in what fields may they work?.

Where can economists work in Zambia?

Job hunters are concerned about where they can apply for employment. The good news is a degree in economics allows you to work in a variety of institutions and sectors.

Economists are in high demand in Zambia as every business nowadays needs skilled economists. 

As an economic graduate in Zambia, you are more likely to get a job in,

What sectors can economists work in? 

The Zambian economy is based on mining and agriculture. So having insight and knowledge in these fields may boost your chances of getting an economist job in Zambia.

Yet, economists can find rewarding work in a variety of industries. All they need is a background in those fields.

Other industries hiring economists: 

Some firms hiring economists in Zambia: 

What jobs are for economists in Zambia? 

Job opportunities in economics vary according to which degree you are holding and  years of experience

Job Opportunities for Economists in Zambia

Junior Economist:

Junior Economist assists in the creation of various economic reports and studies. He gathers, combine, and arranges obtained data.

To apply for the junior economist position, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, Accounting, or Statistics.

The average annual salary of an Economist in Zambia is K 16,640.00

Credit analyst:

The credit analyst analyses the credit requests of a bank’s customers (individuals, companies) and assesses the risks of granting them this credit.

Credit Analyst in Zambia typically earns around 5,140 ZMK per month. Salaries range from 2,780 ZMK (lowest) to 7,760 ZMK (highest).


Finance consultant:

The financial consultant must be a specialist in accounting and financial issues He is an expert in his domain, he diagnoses, researches and proposes solutions to improve the operation of the company.

A degree in accounting is required to work as a financial consultant. Financial Analyst in Zambia typically earns around 7,620 ZMK per month.


Economic Affairs Officer:

Economic Affairs officers monitor economic developments and draft technical papers, analytical studies, and briefing papers on trade-related issues. He is responsible for generating policy suggestions in the area of investment.

Economic Affairs officer in Zambia typically earns around 9,620 ZMK per month.

Financial/economic analyst:

The responsibilities of a financial analyst include the evaluation and analysis of economic data in order to develop papers describing the study’s conclusions. 

Economic analysts are responsible for conducting surveys to collect and evaluate data on occupational employment, wage information, labor supply and demand, tax revenues, agricultural production, and insurance and utility rate structures.

The estimated total pay for a Financial Analyst is ZMK 44,000 per month in the Lusaka.



Actuaries assess the financial consequences of risk and uncertainty. They are skilled in mathematics, statistics, and financial theory/ These skills enable them to estimate the risk of prospective occurrences.

Actuaries help business owners in developing policies that reduce the cost of risks. 

The job of actuaries is critical to the insurance sector.

In Zambia, actuary salaries vary from 3,730 ZMK per month to 12,200 ZMK per month.



Also known as a registered representative (RR) or an investment advisor. A stockbroker keeps abreast of the dynamics of the market in order to invest and provide financial advice.

Stockbrokers buy and sell stocks on behalf of financial institutions, investor customers, and businesses.

Stockbrokers are frequently compensated on a commission basis, however, this varies by clients.



According to U.S. News and World Report,  statisticians are considered the No. 1 business job.

Statisticians have strong numerical capabilities. They gather and display numerical data. Their typical activities include planning, data collection, experimentation, and analyzing outcomes.

The minimum educational requirement for statisticians is a bachelor’s degree in statistics, applied math, computer science, or a related field.

In Zambia, the average salary for a Statistician is roughly 8,990 ZMK per month. 

Bank Branch manager :

Bank manager’s job requires them to supervise all bank personnel and  their office operations.

With a bachelor’s degree and More than five years of experience in baking, you can land a job as a bank manager according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); 

A bank Branch Manager in Zambia typically earns around 11,100 ZMK per month.

Tips for job hunters 

Finding a job can be a challenging experience, it takes planning and dedication. In this section, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints for your job search.

Before you begin looking for employment, you should create a professional resume that includes your soft and hard skills, interests, educational background, professional experience, and accomplishments that are relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Building a large and strong network of contacts is a trump card for the integration of the job market.

Prepare for interviews; Whenever you have an interview, research the company and examine the job description to know how can you be a good fit. Also, you can research the most common interview questions and plan your answers for them.

Don’t forget to be kind to yourself. The job search may take longer than planned, keep in mind that this is a normal part of the process.

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